About Us

Sahityam is an open platform for every poet to share their works and views.

“I realized that we Indians have a strong inclination towards the Hindi and Urdu Poetries and we quote one or the other verse, in our daily lives knowingly or unknowingly, but we do not have enough platforms to exhibit the word and imaginative power the young poets of India have. There for the first time I and my friend ‘Amit’ initiated the idea of Sahityam – kaarwa shabdo ka.” says Ashish Prakash, Founder of Sahityam, poet at heart. MBA by profession, and working in a senior position in a multinational Technology firm.

In less than three months Sahityam had 70+poets with it and not even an year sahityam group hails with 600+poets from all across India.

Sahityam hosts open mic events nearly every month in different parts of Delhi NCR and Kavi sammelans quaterly. It brings out the poets, writers, and other literature Talents in members.

“Each event has shown and proven us what talents we have. We have a boy ageing 13yrs with us and oldies of 78 yrs too. Established Poets Like ‘Janab Mobeen Kidwai sahab‘ are there to guide the youngsters.. its a wonderful feeling..” says Amit Tripathi, Co-Founder of Sahityam, and poet at heart. Company Secretary by profession in a leading MNC.

Sahityam Invites all writers and poets to come and become part of this beautiful Journey.